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PostPosted: Sun Aug 11, 2019 5:30 am 
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A follow up post from the USA on my new to me 101 GS I like to think of as another British roadster. :wink:
I have had several series Rovers over the years and a few Range Rovers.

Just got the 101 a couple of days ago.
Very long and tedious drive from No. California to No. Nevada, I was reminded every mile of all the reasons I escaped CA for NV in 1989! :roll:
Traffic in CA was too grim to be believed, but the folk who live there seem not to notice or care.

Have not really organized my first impressions but here they are if there is enough activity here for anyone to be interested.

Ex-RAF so does have the winch and it is intact.

I have done the easy part of the Rover, it runs again after sitting for a very long time. :D
At least it was kept under cover, but the climate in CA is a bit humid.
Had some issues with ignition points.
Alternator belts are dried out so have to be replaced.
Hoping they are not too odd and can be bought here in the US.

Now the harder work begins, hydraulics are all dead, electrical is mostly dead. :(
Have to fix the annoying short in the turn signals that will not let me turn them off when the ignition is on.
Then clean every contact and fuse.
Hoping I can get switches to work, probably have to pull and test each one.

Awkward to work in with the canvas tilt in place.
I replaced some cord and got the tilt almost fully installed so as to protect the interior until I can get it home.

Need to learn what all the switches and gauges are supposed to do. :?:
Interested in the Regular/IR headlamp switch. 8)
Are the IR capable lights available, or were those separate lamps?
My 101 is RHD but I will need LHD lamps.
I think I'm going to fit a set of vintage Cibie Super-Oscars I have as supplementary lighting since 24V halogen bulbs are readily available.

I will also probably take pics and remove the radio gear for now.
Want to make a short cab tilt for it with a large rear window and the radio makes that difficult.
Smaller cabin will be easier to heat in winter.
Surprised not to see anything of the sort available from the UK.
RHD is not a big deal when you have clear vision on left turns but with the original tilt in place that is impossible.
I notice some custom tilts have additional windows.

With winter not that far away the tilt issue is a bit of a priority.
The other BIG issue is obtaining a US title which may be tricky.
Not going to be overly concerned until I get it in running order.

Being in Nevada USA there is no shortage of places to go, I am surrounded by desert, mining camps, ghost towns, etc. :!:
Looking forward to making it a driver, no extensive restoration planned and minimal modifications.

Can take and post a few pics if there is interest.

By the way, WHY do I have to log in so often?
Lost more than one post text already.

Political correctness is a disease!

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