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War and Peace show 2018
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Author:  101inabarn [ Thu Jun 14, 2018 2:50 pm ]
Post subject:  War and Peace show 2018

Although there is the usual rumours of the (new) owners selling up and the ever
increasing prices - we have booked this annual leave.

So is anyone else planning on coming this year ?

We will not be able to offer the same super services of Ellie and Brin101 but
we do home to replicate their smiles and a warm welcome.

The plan is to remain at the same spot so top north of the field where
the railway track goes past.

If we get enough numbers - I would be willing to chip into a shared toilet like
all the previous years.
The show closes on the Saturday evening but I believe you can depart up to the Monday
I plan subject to work, to get there sometime on the Tuesday but definitely by Wednesday.



Author:  david todd [ Tue Jun 19, 2018 8:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: War and Peace show 2018

just booked in

hope to be in the medway feild with a few others

see you all there


Author:  narune [ Wed Jul 11, 2018 12:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: War and Peace show 2018

I’ll be there too but not with Milly the blue 101 GS but with Odd Job, the green AEC Militant.....tugging an Arrows Trailer.



Author:  101inabarn [ Thu Aug 09, 2018 7:34 pm ]
Post subject:  War and Peace show 2018

The 2018 show was interesting from an armoured point of view with a usual attendee
of the 1944 so a T34 tank and then a Challenger - the only one in private hands
plus an ex Israeli (super) Sherman Tank.

The show ground campsites were turned around this year and it did not really
work although it could have done.

I am always keen to be camped in the “green” camping fields whilst the overflow
camping fields were mainly big white blocks of caravans and the odd ex Land Rover
in sight. I was surprised about the number of caravans but maybe “we” have reached
that age to “need” one.

The two allocated Medway green camping fields ran north to south with one dividing
road and it was really fab to see the sheer numbers of our Dutch friends who had
travelled over. Apparently over there if you go looking for such then you could
attend a show each month easily.
One chap from a museum in Austria travelled with his “long Tom” gun in tow.
That is one large and heavy piece of artillery.
That was a 155mm with a shell that would reach out to a tad over 13klms.

Only on a private point of view - I was saddened to find that although we arrived
on the tuesday so quite early really for the show - although not as early as some
that had arrived on the Saturday - to find that most so over 60% of those same
campers idea of a reasonable size pitch was at least 40% bigger than what they
were actually using.

“Mr angry” - because we dared to camp next to him and was side on to the rear
of one of his two separate 9x9 tents with a camo net between the 9x9 tents so
giving both enough side by side parking for four of his 1990 land rovers
painted - in desert yet he only had the one vehicle all this time.

He even had an 18 foot flag pole which was his nemesis in the end.

We had 5 days of pure sun shining down with little shade and an average
temperatures of just over 30 degrees every day.
The only rain was on the friday night and that was brief and it soon dried out
by breakfast time on the Saturday.

Do you remember Mr angry ? - Well he had chosen to use those silver tent
metal 3mm wide pegs that almost come in the Xmas cracker - but certainly sold
by the likes of the cheaper end of camping stores and have that simple
90 degree bend in them and no depth.

So after some rain and wind on the friday - we were treated to both his flag
pole laying across his 100 ft square camp base but also both 9 x9 tents
had blown over too !

Although he had gone somewhere earlier - so we generously piled everything
on top of all the loose items - we could not see any pegs used to hold the
9 x9 tents nor the loo tent down - so they had simple been blown over.........

It did raise a smirk on our faces as he had blanked us for the last 4 days.......

We were squashed between two marked out areas and in the end the chap
on the other side moved over by a few feet so we had room to park in front
of a single tent - yet we were 8 people at one stage sleeping over.

It seems we could have marked out the previous thursday and it makes
you really appreciate Brian and his daughter Ellie so BrinV8 , who in past
years would kindly find us all a camping spot and mark it out.

Naturally we were delighted to see our Scottish friends had come down and
were planning on a diverted tour on the way home.
They now must actually own every plastic toy ever sold with any petrol

Roll on next year - but more planning and maybe a 140 mike round trip to peg out a
site is worth the effort.

Author:  mickbrad [ Fri Aug 17, 2018 5:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: War and Peace show 2018

we had fun

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