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Iceland 2019
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Author:  GSFFRLHD [ Fri Jun 15, 2018 5:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Iceland 2019

For summer 2019 (mid-July to mid-August) I'm planning a trip to the south... well, south of our normal play area which is above the Arctic Circle. I've booked a ferry from Hirtshals, Denmark to Seydisfjordur (town in eastern Iceland) and hope to be able to drive around for about a month: camping, walking, swimming... maybe doing some fishing. Think I've persuaded the sandbag to come along for the trip out there and the brat (she'll be 14 and probably have her own ideas and want to listen to her own music - I might put her in the back :twisted: :lol: ) to join me for the return and we might meet up with friends in Reykjavik. Not sure if anyone has been to Iceland recently or going this year, but any "updates" would be welcome - if anyone is going next year it might be fun to meet up... or join forces (maybe we can book our very own fuel tanker delivery in the highlands :mrgreen: )

Author:  GSFFRLHD [ Fri Jan 11, 2019 5:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Iceland 2019

So, anyone going to Iceland this summer? If all goes according to plan we'll drive off the ferry in Iceland on the 18th of July and leave on the 15th of August. I'll probably get a camping card and a fishing card, and it looks like fuel range won't be a problem (have three jerry cans) - but I've not figured out if there is such a thing as fuel discount card I could get hold of (if there is it'd quickly make sense).

I'll bring fluids for an engine/LT95/diff oil change, spare air filter and some parts, but hope to arrive prepped/serviced before getting on the ferry in Denmark - it all the depends on the logistics of the 1,000 mile drive south plus ferry from Norway to Denmark. I'll bring some bridging ladders, hi-lift jack, bottle jack, manual winch with straps and chain, only one spare tyre, a couple of manual foot pumps (I think they're smaller and more reliable than the small portable compressors and it looks like deflating for grip won't be a frequent exercise) and I'll probably leave chains behind as they're mostly good on hard packed snow. I'll have a fridge but figure on supporting the Icelandic economy by shopping locally - might arrive with the full alcohol allowance though! Might bring a portable wood stove for heating and cooking and wonder if it's possible to buy wood, or charcoal at the petrol stations - anyone know?

Aim to take it nice and slow, go walking a bit, spend some time fishing - if the weather is less wet and windy somewhere that's where I'll go... Might have company that'll want to watch whales, relax in the thermal pools and go horseback riding. If anyone else is going, it'd be nice to meet up!

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