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Posting Ads - Please read this first!
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Author:  Tom [ Fri Feb 15, 2008 8:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Posting Ads - Please read this first!

Welcome to the wanted section of the 101 FCC&R website!

We have moved the small-ads section over to here in the forum to make it easier to use.

Anybody can post adverts here - though you will need to register on the forum first to do this!

Vehicle adverts posted by club members will be made into 'sticky' posts
- They will stay at the top of the forum making them more visible.

If you are a not a club member and would like your advert to be displayed in Sixstud, then please contact the editor ([email protected]) to arrange this.
Selling a 101 related item? - there is no place that will be seen by more 101 owners than in Sixstud!

If you have any trouble posting your advert,require further advice relating to your advert, or want it to be added for you, please contact ptsteer (forum ID), or email [email protected]

Please obey the following rules and guidelines:
Posts that do not do this will be deleted!

101 Related items only!

Make the subject of your posting as descriptive as possible! - so that people can easily tell what you are looking for.

Include the following information:
Your Location
How to contact you

If you do not want to publish your email address in plain text in the advert then tell people to click the 'email' or 'pm' links in your user profile. This will have the same effect but will hide your address from everyone else.

Update your post, or post a follow-up reply if your request has been filled
. The moderators will then lock your thread.

Anything posted in this section not related to "Wanted" items will be deleted.

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