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My wish list.
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Author:  R3fab [ Tue Oct 15, 2019 10:45 pm ]
Post subject:  My wish list.

Since I intend to drive my 101 rather a lot, and in rough terrain, I would like to obtain the following spares, to be shipped cheaply. (Slow-boat rather than air)
I may add to this list as items come to my attention.

One or two spare stock rims, ideally a full set of five but I'm sure that would be an extreme expense.
The large tapered rubber coupling from the air-cleaner box to the intake system plumbing.
Left side sliding door glass.
Front and rear spare brake drums.
Lucas made LHD headlamps, 24v.
Upper portion of a "Series" Rover Tropical short-cab for 101 conversion. ( I did say WISH list!)
Proper green and black exterior paints. (Cannot get the colour back to original luster)
Any other critical heavy or bulky items I may have missed.

Overall my 101 is in excellent condition.
Probably due to having sat under cover for so many years.
Trying to keep it as stock appearing as possible.

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