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1977 Ambulance
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Author:  soldiersteve [ Sun May 20, 2018 2:41 pm ]
Post subject:  1977 Ambulance

Unfortunately, due mainly to space limitations as well as a certain amount pressure from SWMBO I am putting up my 101 Amby for sale

I've owned this vehicle since Sept 2010 and during that time have improved it by changing all tyres including the spare to Michelin XZL's and changing the fuel tank to a stainless steel one.

During the entire 7 1/2 years the vehicle has been kept roadworthy with any repairs carried out as necessary. This has included much work on the brakes, the master cylinder has been rebuilt, the servo replaced, all front cylinders have been replaced and one of the rear ones.

Also when I first got it I had it undersealed by before and after rustproofing but despite this I have had some welding done where needed, the most recent being the bottom of both A posts. I've also replaced one of the wiper boxes that seized up and also the drive to it was replaced at the same time

I have recently had the tax class changed to Historic Vehicle so it is now tax and MOT exempt. However I also had it MOT'd anyway (5 May) which it passed with 3 minor advisories - Slightly worn shock absorber bush, Slight free play at steering wheel, Minor exhaust leak.

Most of the ambulance kit is still with the vehicle and it comes with a large scrim net (which could do with some tidying) and a set of scrim poles and mushrooms (enough to be able to make a 'garage' for those in the know)

All blue lights are fitted (and covered over) and the twin tones work when connected.

I'm advertising it here to start with as I would like it to go to an enthusiast rather than a gormless muggle who doesn't really understand such vehicles.

I've tried to add a picture but can't get it to work so give me an e-mail address and I'll send you some.

In the current market I would like to think it's woth £9,500 but am open to reasonable offers from club/forum members who may be more switched on to things than me.

I live on the Isle of Wight so if you want to come over to take a look I'm happy to meet you off the boat (hovercraft from Southsea is best)

Phone number is 07855 520297 (if I can't take the call leave a message and I'll get back to you)


Author:  Jaky [ Sat May 26, 2018 1:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 1977 Ambulance

Hello, can you send me some pictures ? Also is it RHD or LHD ? What weight is it plated at ? thanks

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